Lublin EPLB, Cockpit view landing 25, znasz to z Lublina? Trwa 6m 20s s.


Lublin EPLB, Cockpit view landing 25.


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- It's a good technique maybe for Cessna but never for Airbus... FCTM Derotation : It is not recommended to keep the nose high in order to increase aircraft drag during the initial part
of the roll-out, as this technique is inefficient and increases the risk of tail strike. Furthermore, if auto
brake MED is used, it may lead to a hard nose gear touch down.
- The ICAO code of Lublin is EPLB, not EPBL ;D
- Hi Lucien,
Is called Short field landing procedure and ads safety when runways are not so long.
it' s also friendlier to the environment as tyres and carbon brakes are worn less.
If interested in more details here is  a link describing the technique. v 
- Merci pour le partage. Pour quelle raison maintenez-vous systématiquement le nez en l'air après l'atterrissage le plus longtemps possible ?